Recent PERFORM Group News

Fall 2020

  • G.P. Kavanaugh (M.S., 1998) accepted a new position as Chief Technology Officer at Centiva Capital (Dec. ’20)
  • Ron Wright (M.S., 2014) accepted a new position at Motorola Mobility (Nov. ’20)
  • Atul Bohara (Ph.D., 2020) started a position as a Research Engineer at Network Perception (Oct ’20)
  • Uttam Thakore started a new position at Facebook (Sep ’20)
  • The paper “Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification of State-Based Discrete-Event Simulation Models through a Stacked Ensemble of Metamodels” by Michael Rausch and Bill Sanders won the Best Paper Award at QEST 2020 (Aug ’20)
  • Ben Ujcich and Mohammad Noureddine started new faculty positions at Georgetown University and the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, respectively (Aug ’20)

Summer 2020

  • Uttam Thakore successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation (July ’20)
  • Ben UjcichMohammad Noureddine, and Atul Bohara all successfully defended their Ph.D. dissertations (June ’20)

Summer 2019

  • Carmen Cheh successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation (June ’19)
  • Salem Derisavi (Ph.D., 2005) started a new position as Principal Compiler Engineer at Untether AI (June ’19)

Fall 2018

  • Ron Wright (M.S., 2014) accepted a new job at Cummins Allison (Dec ’18)
  • Varun Badrinath Krishna successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation (Oct ’18) and is starting a new position at C3 IoT (Jan ’19)

Spring 2018

  • Shuyi Chen (Ph.D., 2011) started a new position at The Apache Software Foundation (Apr ’18)
  • Ahmed Fawaz (Ph.D., 2017) started a new position at Supernova Lending (Mar ’18)

Summer 2017

  • Ahmed Fawaz deposited his Ph.D. dissertation (July ’17)
  • Uttam Thakore received the Graduate Student Leadership Award from UIUC’s Graduate College for founding, growing, and leading the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Special Interest Group (ACM ICPC SIG) (June ’17)
  • Jennifer Ren (Ph.D., 2001) moved to a new position as Principal Big Data Software Engineer at AT&T (June ’17)

Fall 2016

  • Varun Badrinath Krishna and Michael Rausch deposited M.S. theses and Ahmed Fawaz passed the prelim exam for his Ph.D. (Dec ’16)

Summer 2016

  • Ben Ujcich deposited an M.S. thesis (July ’16)
  • The paper “A Quantitative Methodology for Security Monitor Deployment,” co-authored by PERFORMers Uttam Thakore and Bill Sanders with former PERFORM member Gabe Weaver, won the DSN 2016 Best Paper Award (June ’16)
  • Eric Davis (Rozier) (Ph.D., 2011) has accepted a new faculty position at Iowa State University (June ’16)

Spring 2016

  • Craig Buchanan (M.S., 2014) started a new position as an Application Security Engineer at Blend Labs (Feb ’16)
  • Adnan Agbaria (postdoc 2002-2005) joined Intel Corporation, and is still at the University of Haifa as well (Jan. ’16)

Fall 2015

  • The paper “ARIMA-based modeling and validation of consumption readings in power grids,” co-authored by PERFORMers Varun Badrinath Krishna and Bill Sanders with Ravi Iyer, won a Best Youth Paper award at CRITIS 2015 (Oct ’15)
  • The paper “PCA-Based Method for Detecting Integrity Attacks on Advanced Metering Infrastructure,” co-authored by PERFORMers Varun Badrinath Krishna, Gabe Weaver, and Bill Sanders, won the Best Paper Award at QEST 2015 (Sept ’15)
  • The paper “Enterprise security metrics with the ADVISE meta model formalism,” co-authored by PERFORMers Ken Keefe, Brett Feddersen, and Bill Sanders with others, won a Best Paper award at SECURWARE 2015 (Aug ’15)

Summer 2015

  • Uttam Thakore deposited an M.S. thesis (July ’15)

Spring 2015

  • Salem Derisavi (Ph.D., 2005) started a job as Staff Architect at Huawei Technologies (Apr ’15)
  • Sobir Bazarbayev (M.S., 2013) moved to a new position at LinkedIn (Jan. ’15)

Fall 2014

  • Carmen Cheh and Ron Wright deposited M.S. theses (Dec ’14)
  • Saman Zonouz (Ph.D., 2011) has started a new job as Assistant Professor at Rutgers University (Aug ’14)
  • Eric Davis (Rozier) (Ph.D., 2011) has moved to a new faculty position at the University of Cincinnati (Aug ’14)
  • Varun Badrinath KrishnaDavid HuangMohammad NoureddineMichael Rausch, and Ben Ujcich have all joined the PERFORM group as incoming graduate students (Aug ’14)

Summer 2014

  • Paul Rubel (M.S., 2000) moved to a position as Senior System Software Engineer, Akamai Technologies (July ’14)
  • David Grochocki (M.S., 2013) joined Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer (June ’14)
  • David Daly (Ph.D., 2005) moved to a new position as Senior Performance Engineer at MongoDB (June ’14)
  • Craig Buchanan deposited his M.S. thesis (May ’14) and moved on to a position at Sandia National Labs

Spring 2014

  • Sudha Krishnamurthy (Ph.D., 2002) recently joined Sony (Mar. ’14)

Fall 2013

  • Alex Williamson (M.S., 1998) was promoted to the position of Principal Software Engineering at Red Hat (Sept. ’13)
  • Atul Bohara joined the PERFORM group (Aug. ’13)
  • Ramesh Chandra (M.S., 2001) has co-founded and become CTO of Compass Quality Insight, Inc. (Aug. ’13)
  • Adnan Agbaria (postdoc, 2002-2005) is now Senior Research Scientist at Toga Networks (Huawie Research); he is also still a Lecturer at Haifa University (Aug. ’13)

Summer 2013

  • Sunny Pruthi (formerly an undergrad PERFORM affiliate) and his teammate placed 3rd in the NIKSUN WWSMC Cybersecurity Tournament in Atlantic City, where they competed against college seniors and grad students from across the country (June ’13)
  • Ahmed Fawaz is doing a summer internship at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (May ’13)
  • Sobir Bazarbayev deposited his M.S. thesis (Apr. ’13) and moved on to a position at Amazon (May ’13)

Spring 2013

  • David Grochocki completed his M.S. and accepted a position at Sandia (Apr. ’13)
  • Ahmed Fawaz deposited a Master’s thesis (Apr. ’13)
  • Salem Derisavi (Ph.D., 2005) became a Member of Technical Staff at Altera (Mar. ’13)
  • Ron Wright has joined the PERFORM group (Feb. ’13)
  • Gabe Weaver has joined the PERFORM group as a postdoc (Jan. ’13)

Fall 2012

  • Aad van Moorsel (postdoc, 1994-1996) became the Head of the School of Computing Science at Newcastle University (’12)
  • Sankalp Singh (Ph.D., 2012) accepted a position at Google (Nov. ’12)
  • Doug Eskins successfully defended his Ph.D. and accepted a position at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Nov. ’12)
  • Prashant Pandey (M.S., 2001) became an Engineering Manager at Amazon Web Services (Oct. ’12)
  • Kaustubh Joshi (Ph.D., 2007) was promoted to Principal Member of Technical Staff (Research) at AT&T Labs, Inc. (Oct. ’12)
  • Shravan Gaonkar (Ph.D., 2008) left Atlantis Computing to accept a position at Storvisor, Inc. (Sept. ’12)
  • Craig Buchanan, Carmen Cheh, and Uttam Thakore have joined PERFORM (Aug. ’12)

Summer 2012

  • Eric Davis (Rozier) (Ph.D., 2011) moved on to a faculty position at the University of Miami (June ’12)
  • Michael Ford deposited his M.S. thesis (Apr. ’12) and moved on to a position at Apple (May ’12)

Spring 2012

  • Sankalp Singh completed his Ph.D. dissertation (Apr. ’12)
  • John Sowder (M.S., 1998) became Head of Engineering, Enterprise Femto Access Point, at Nokia Siemens Networks (Mar. ’12)
  • Doug Eskins passed the prelim exam for his Ph.D. (Jan. ’12)
  • David Grochocki is set to work at Sandia National Labs over Summer 2012 (Jan. ’12)
  • Hari Ramasamy (Ph.D., 2005) accepted an adjunct faculty position at Columbia University. He remains a Research Staff Member at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. (Jan. ’12)

Fall 2011

  • Elizabeth LeMay completed her Ph.D. dissertation and accepted a position as a visiting lecturer in the ECE department at the University of Illinois (Dec. ’11)
  • Shuyi Chen deposited his Ph.D. thesis and has moved on to a software engineer position at Google (Nov. ’11)
  • Adnan Agbaria (postdoc ’02-’05) accepted a Senior Engineer position at SAP. He remains a lecturer at Haifa University (Nov. ’11)
  • Eric Davis (Rozier) successfully defended his Ph.D. (Nov. ’11)
  • Eric Davis (Rozier), Bill Sanders, and IBM colleagues shared a Best Paper Award for “Modeling the Fault Tolerance Consequences of Deduplication” at the 30th IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (Oct. ’11)
  • Saman Zonouz completed his Ph.D. and moved on to an Assistant Professor position in the Electrical & Computer Engineering department at the University of Miami (Sept. ’11)

Summer 2011

  • Patrick Webster (M.S., 2002) became a Quality Engineer at Skype (July ’11)
  • John Sowder (M.S., 1998) left Motorola to become the Head of Software Development, Device Business Segment, at Nokia Siemens Networks (May ’11)
  • Shravan Gaonkar (Ph.D., 2008) left NetApp to accept a position at Atlantis Computing (May ’11)

Spring 2011

  • Ryan Lefever deposited his Ph.D. and accepted a software engineer position at Google (Apr. ’11)