Applied Resiliency for More Trustworthy Grid Operation (ARMORE)

The primary objective of the ARMORE effort is to develop a distributed, peer-based framework for the application of secure information exchange in critical infrastructure to increase security and resiliency of grid operation. By leveraging the core components of the successful Secure Information Exchange Gateway (SIEGate) platform, this project will significantly improve power-system information-technology security by augmenting current edge-perimeter security practices with an appliance that pushes secure, real-time communication capabilities deeper into utility critical networks, including substations. This approach will enable the high-speed and secure exchange of information on a peer-to-peer (substation-to-substation) basis.

The end result of this project will be a thoroughly vetted, open-source solution that demonstrably assures a secure, scalable, peer-based communications framework, enhanced security for energy-sector protocols, and a framework for distributed computation.

Researchers include Tim Yardley, Rakesh Bobba, Klara Nahrstedt, and William H. Sanders.

(Funded by the Department of Energy via a subcontract from the Grid Protection Alliance (GPA))