Designing Protection and Adaptation into a Survivability Architecture: Demonstration and Validation (DPASA-DV)

Funded by DARPA IPTO OASIS DEM/VAL contract F30602-02-C-0134 via a subcontract from BBN Technologies

This project focused on developing techniques for designing and validating intrusion tolerance. The first project task consisted of performing a mission-objective-focused system analysis and engineering effort resulting in a thorough understanding of the specific system-functional and component survivability requirements. We employed a systematic process that evaluated the innovative use of emerging technology to ensure survivability of mission-critical system components. The second project task focused on developing a survivability architecture by describing how advanced survivability mechanisms are used in defining an effective (and revolutionary) survivability architecture. The third project task focused on validation by conducting detailed model-based analysis of the proposed architecture to assess the level of protection provided to critical system components. The project also identified the level of protection provided to key system components as well as residual vulnerability of key system components and the overall system to disruption. The University of Illinois team led the work on the third project task.

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